Our Koqóvel products are made with you in mind. The health of your skin, and rich colors we provide will not only enhance your beauty but can create any look. From a natural to a bold look...our products are made for you.




A vegan based product line with deep & vibrant pigments, skin care for all skin types and moisture-based formulas to balance your skin.

All of our products are carefully formulated with essential oils to maintain a moisture balance in your skin.

Enjoy a silky matte finish, long lasting, paraben & talc free, no mineral oils skin care and cosmetic line for ALL skin types. The Koqovel Cosmetic brand believes in providing a healthy, natural base product while maintaining vibrancy, color payoff, and easy blends.

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Our skin care products are made with organic roses and essential oils to balance your PH and create a clean but moisturize regiment.

Organic Rose Skin Care Full SetOrganic Rose Skin Care Full Set

A Velvet Texture with a Matte Finish

Our cosmetics are mineral based and cruelty free. You won't find any bi-products or chemicals in the Koqóvel Perfect Coverage line of foundations.

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HD Pigments & Shadows

  • Regal

    Regular price $13.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $13.00 USD
  • Tribe

    Regular price $13.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $13.00 USD
  • Her Majesty

    Regular price $20.00 USD
    Regular price Sale price $20.00 USD
    Her Majesty
  • High Def Eyeshadow

    Regular price $7.50 USD
    Regular price Sale price $7.50 USD
    High Def Eyeshadow
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    Koqóvel has licensed professionals that are able to not only apply your cosmetics but teach you the correct application.

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    These are the original ladies of Koqovel. Our ladies are designer Make-up Artists and specialize in everything cosmetics and Skin Care!

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