Moisturizing Lipstick

A collection of  moisture based lipsticks made with essential oils and a plant based formula. These lipsticks are made to both moisturize your skin and provide vibrant color. 

Our LL cream (Liquid Lip Cream) is a new, unique formula which glides on like a liquid and dries down to a long lasting matte finish without dehydrating the lips.  This multi-purpose lip product provides intense, long-lasting color that also conditions, soothes, and refreshes. LL Cream is a highly pigmented, matte lip color infused with a blend of oils that refresh, cool, and soothe lips while applying a smooth layer of stunningly gorgeous color. 

We have a variety of colors and shades for any look. All of our lipsticks are full color coverage for all day wear.  

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.